décembre 2008

Bird Math

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Two birds hold a ledge black under bloated clouds then four perch two by two until flight flushes each one equally nowhere.

juin 2008


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I am where the rise and fall cease to meet where simply morning is spring Mexican orange tree blossom all told and telling of nothing no who in the thicket sunpocked to hear.

mai 2008


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On the corner the building is gone with a figure I can’t remember brushed on its gray shutter an unavoidable curve an unrecognizable spiral I didn’t know every- time was a climax looping out of reach toward destruction.

mars 2008

décembre 2007

Benazir Bhutto in That Without Time Time of Everness Now

By | 2007-12-28T16:25:13+00:00 décembre 28th, 2007|Poésie|

(This dream-inspired prose poem is from 2001. Today, sadly, it is no longer a dream. O Pakistan! O world! O greed, anger and ignorance!) BENAZIR BHUTTO IN THAT WITHOUT TIME TIME OF EVERNESS NOW Tea time is a gathering of last night’s dreaming fragments of not where I have been but illuminations of where I [...]